Monday, March 30, 2009

Barista Ben

I'm sitting here watching Ben at Stone Creek draw on their chalkboard. I don't know what he's drawing, he's sitting in the way of my view, but it's some form of advertising for Stone Creek.

I think Ben is a pretty neat guy. I don't really know anything about him, and barely ever get to talk to him. But he's impacted me. He is so kind and gentle. And you would not believe how many names he remembers! He can name almost every customer who walks in here (those who are regular or semi regular anyway). He has a kind smile and a casual confidence about him. He makes you feel good when you talk to him. He says your NAME when he greets you! He seems genuinely happy to serve you and wants this to be the best coffee you've had! Sometimes there are people who come in here who are a little more difficult to deal with. They may be homeless, or have some mental or emotional issues, I don't know. But he treats them with such respect! He speaks kindly to them, not down to them. He respects them as a person and treats them that way - no matter who they are.

What if people at church were more like Ben? What if we went to church looking for what I can GIVE at church, not what I can GET? What if we made the effort to learn each other's names and use them when we greet one another? What if we could make someone feel known and noticed when they walked through our doors? What if we went to church asking God "how can you use me today??" and embracing those opportunities instead of going there looking for what I can get out the service and those around me? What if we were genuinely happy to serve at church - in whatever way God asks. What if we treated each person who walked in with respect and honor?

I think church would look much different. I think we can all take a lesson from Barista Ben! Thanks, Ben, for teaching me!

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