Monday, March 16, 2009

The Dip

I've been listening to a podcast from Elevation Church (Pastor Steven Furtick). It's really hit me where I'm at! I wish I would have written this right after I listened to the message this morning because there was so much good stuff in it.

His messages were talking about Elijah and how we can go through these "dips" in life. Sometimes they are our own fault, sometimes they are not. He focused on the "Divine Dip" - a time when God allows us to go through a time of "dip" in order to teach us something, or to minister to someone else, or to grow in an area.

One thing he said today is that we can't allow ourselves to forget about when we've seen God work in the past. However, being in the valley makes the mountaintops almost impossible to see. That doesn't mean they aren't there, they are just hard to see.

It was so helpful to be shown in the Bible where someone else has felt this way and how God handled him. God didn't punish him, He showed Himself to Elijah, He nourished Elijah, then had him move on.

I want to follow in Elijah's steps. I want to force myself to remember God's faithfulness and how I've seen Him work in the past. I want to remember that while it may be too hard to see the over the mountain now, God is still there with me wherever I am.

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