Thursday, April 23, 2009


I think sometimes people can use this word as a cop out or something to hide behind. It can be something that is used as an excuse to not do something. "I'm not called to do that. I wouldn't be any good at it because it's not my calling."

I think that can be true. We are not all called to everything. That wouldn't make any sense.

A calling can also be very powerful - and painful. Calling is what's left when you're on a path and it seems that the world is crumbling around you, but you KNOW you have to stay on that path. When it doesn't make sense to stay on that path. When everything in you wants to jump off that awful path with everything crumbling in on it, you KNOW you HAVE to stay on it.

That is a calling, I think.

A calling isn't always glamorous and exciting. Sometimes it comes down to obedience. To stay on that path. To keep going and follow that Leader when you know it would be easier to step off that path. To forge a new one that makes "more sense". One that looks easier. But that would be disobedient.

Underneath all that pain, discomfort, questioning, uncertainty, discouragement, is a weird sort of peace. This unexplainable knowing that this is where you're supposed to be. That's a calling. That tiny, itty bitty, almost silent voice that says, "Keep going. This is what I have for you. Don't stray. Stay close. Keep on this path. I AM."

It can be so hard. But it's a calling.

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  1. Great thoughts here Vicky.
    Thanks for sharing with us!
    Thank you for leaning into your calling!