Monday, April 20, 2009

Don't read the Bible!

It will change you. It will challenge you. It will frustrate you. It will cause you to question life, yourself, God, your choices, the people around you. It will put a mirror up to you and you may not like what you see. It will show you the dark corners of yourself. The nooks and crannies that you try to hide from people, the places you try to hide from yourself.

It will also encourage you. It will stretch you. It will teach you. It will cause you to question. It will show you things about yourself that you like. It will show you the amazing gifts and talents you have. It will help you to see others differently. It will grow your heart. It will change you.

As I have been doing an LTG I am reading the Bible more than I used to in larger chunks than I used to. An LTG (Life Transformation Group) is a group of 2 or 3 who meet together one hour (or so!) per week. We read 15-30 chapters of the Bible per week then get together and talk about it, confess to one another, and pray for people we know who don't yet know God. It is very simple. But it can rock your world!

As I have been reading the Bible more, I am becoming more aware of my sin and my sin nature. I am becoming more aware of the "little" things that I can't let slide anymore. I am challenged to become more like God and that means that things in me have to change. The closer I get to God the more I see how far away I am from Him and being like Him.

This is good! Difficult sometimes, but good.

So, be careful if you read the Bible!

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