Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I love you

I love you. I want you to know that. I wish I could show you better or tell you in a way that you'd understand.

I want you to have what I have. I wish you would stop lying to me, to yourself...I wish you would do the hard work and be honest. I wish you would see that you can NEVER EVER be too far from God to come back. I wish you could see that you could never make too many mistakes to be forgiven.

I wish you could see what I see in you. I wish you could see what GOD sees in you! I wish you could see how much He loves you and wants for you. I wish you could let God lead you and love you and mold you.

I wish I could be a better example to you. I wish I could do something, anything. I wish you didn't see what you see when you see me.

I wish I knew what to do. I wish I didn't feel this pain and battle. I wish I could make it better. But I can't. It's your decision. I can't make it for you. I can't make you do anything.

The path is yours. I pray you take the right road. I am here - whether you want me or not, you're stuck with me!

I love you!

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