Monday, April 6, 2009


I have been wanting to blog for a few days now. For different reasons each day. I never find/make the time to sit quietly and do it, so now I have lots floating around in my head and don't quite know where to start.

Easter is right around the corner. I know that isn't news to anyone. I know this is at the forefront of the minds of most (if not all) church workers. For the first time, I am not consumed with the elements of the service though. Usually I am working on things for the service - the one hour of that day. It may be graphics or a drama or music or something else. There is usually lots to do to prepare for the Easter service at a church.

This year that is not the case. I guess that's one good thing about being part of a small and simple church with little resources. I am not consumed with the elements of the service. Sure, we have some special things going on this week...but I am much more consumed with the souls that will walk through the door. I am much more consumed with the message that we will hear. I am much more consumed with the desire for people to hear the message of Easter.

We had a great night at church last night. God has really been showing up in amazing ways. I am excited to see what He does on Easter at Veritas, and around the world!

I want there to be so many people at Veritas on Easter. Not because I want our numbers to grow, but because I know the message we have to share and the people that they will encounter when they walk through the doors. We have an amazing bunch of people at Veritas. During this last series we've had people share their stories of their encounters with God and it's been amazing to see God's hand in different people's lives. They are not all happy stories - not even close. But they can still see God in their story.

I want others to see that they have a story and that God is part of it! I want souls to be touched and eternities changed on Sunday! I want to see God move and give Him all the glory!

I am jittery with excitement to see what He's going to do this week in the hearts of our people and in the people who walk through our doors on Sunday!

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