Friday, April 10, 2009

Keep fighting!

This has been quite a week. I was really excited and jazzed up on Monday and Tuesday SO excited for Easter and seeing what God is going to do at Veritas on this amazing day! We had a great service on Sunday night and I was just so excited to be a part of a church with these people!

Wednesday I was still doing ok. I invited some people to church and Tim had the potential to get a promotion!

Then Wednesday night I started going downhill a little. My feelings were changing a little. Some of it was due to circumstances during the day, some if it wasn't.

Then yesterday things didn't go so well. Got some difficult news during the day. We got news that we would have to buy a car this weekend due to the repair on Tim's car (which we had to take to the shop on Wednesday night) costing more than the car is worth....etc. I did not have a good night last night.

Tim and I prayed and then talked for a long time about a lot of stuff - life, family, jobs, church, God, you name it! We finally had to stop talking because it was so late and we were so tired.

We talked about how we believe what is going on now is an attack because of what is coming...Easter! Now, I am not one to go throwing that around. I hate it when people blame EVERY difficult thing that happens on "Satan and him attacking". I think there are MANY things that happen to people because of their own decisions and sin, not because Satan is attacking. I think it can be a cop out sometimes. Sorry if that sounds harsh.

But I think a lot of things are happening all at once to us this week because we are working so hard and praying so hard for people we care about to come to know God as their Savior and follow Him with their life. This doesn't really make these circumstances much easier, but it gives them a little purpose.

After talking with Tim for such a long time, I looked at one of the blogs I like to read at The post for yesterday (April 9) was about this same thing! It was about the attacks that can happen around significant times like this. It's not long if you want to check it out, it's pretty good.

I don't know what all these ramblings mean or how to finish this up except to say this is where I am. It's difficult, but I pray that God does AMAZING things that bring Him glory on Sunday!! I pray that we have new people there, lots of people who need to hear about God's message of sacrifice, love, hope and life! I pray that I can live this message out REGARDLESS of my circumstances! I pray that I can hold up under the pressure and that I don't let discouragement and emotions take over me.

I am even more excited to see what God does on Sunday!

Thank you Jesus for enduring such unimaginable pain and burden and humiliation TODAY so that we can CELEBRATE your triumph over death on SUNDAY!

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