Monday, April 20, 2009

Roller Derby!

Ok, I've never been to a Roller Derby bout before. But we went on Saturday and it was SO fun! We know 2 people who are part of the Brew City Bruisers and wanted to go check them out.

It is a sport I actually like to watch and can follow and understand!!

It is not AS brutal as I thought it would be. That is NOT to say that it's not physical or that those girls aren't hurting Sunday morning! But I think I was expecting broken bones and blood and stuff. They are physical and they have fun.

The names are so creative and the way they decorate their uniforms are so fun. I liked the creativity and the attitudes and the fast paced-ness.

It was just fun and I wanted to share that. A very new experience for me! I don't get out much these days and then to do something NEW and different was great!

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