Saturday, May 16, 2009


Have to brag on a cool moment today!

Caleb and I were playing with his xylophone (the one pictured at the left). He had one of the red hammers. He picked up the other one and handed it to me and said "sha" (share)!!!!

See, this is a big deal for me because I didn't know well how to teach him to share. He has no siblings, doesn't go to daycare, and is only around other kids at church. Generally I am not bugging to play with one of his toys, so he hasn't really had many opportunities to have to share. But, he is getting to that age and times will come soon when he will need to share!
He doesn't communicate much. He doesn't talk much yet (which I try to not worry about too much) so I never know what he is understanding.

It felt like such a triumph to see him understand it, even if just for a moment! :) I really almost cried!!!

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  1. That's a huge step!! You must've been so proud of your little babe.:) And don't worry a bit about the talking thing - every child is different and every child has their own pace. It'll happen at the right time for him...I'm a nanny, I know these things. ;-)