Monday, May 4, 2009

Something's GOTTA change!

I feel like something has to change. I don't know what, but things can't stay the way they are now. It could be circumstances. It could be choices. It could just be me and my outlook, but something has to change.

I feel like something big needs to happen. I'm not talking about moving or anything that huge. But somethings have to be shaken up. And not just for the sake of change, but so that things can get headed in the right direction.

I feel like we need to shake the Boggle dice and look at it fresh and see what words pop up. We've been looking at the same letters too long now and need a good shake, ya know what I mean?

But I tend to fear so much and so I don't want to make the wrong choice about the change. Which is why I won't rule out the fact that maybe I am the the thing that needs to change. I may need to change my outlook, my attitude, something.

I really need to pray and find out if this is true, and if so, what that change(s) needs to be. Because something's GOTTA change!

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