Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When one part suffers, all parts suffer with it...

I spoke at church yesterday. I don't do that often. Tim is the teacher - and very gifted at it. We were going to teach through Acts 2:42-47. The reason why I delivered the message was because I was spending time reading these verses and looking at what God may have been saying to us today in order to try to plan other service elements and songs. As I was doing that I ended up writing a whole message! Totally unintentionally, but it happened.

Right around this time we were reading 1 Corinthians in my LTG and I was struck by chapter 12 when it talks about us being a part of the "body of Christ". We see the strong community that the church in Acts was and I couldn't help but see the refection of 1 Corinthians 12. We actually got a chance to pray for someone at church during the message because one of our body was suffering, therefore we were all suffering with her. It was beautiful!

I was reminded of that in a big way tonight in our LTG. All three of us are going through big, heavy stuff in life. ALL THREE OF US! We spent most of our time tonight sharing our burdens with one another. But it was not in a complaining sort of way. It was genuine. We trusted one another and allowed each other into the hurting parts of our lives. We then spent a while praying together, being honest with God about our frustrations, disappointments, fears, and our trust in Him to keep guiding and comforting us.

I was in a much worse place a week or so ago. Today, I have hope. Tim quit his job last week in order to devote all his time to Veritas. His job was taking too much time and energy and he wasn't able to spend adequate time on Veritas or Caleb and me. There was just a lot going on that wasn't working. We have taken a HUUUUUUGE leap of faith and are putting all of ourselves into Veritas and doing all that God asks of us. Since I have him home more and we are getting healthier, I was in a better place today. This made me much more able to shoulder these burdens with my friends tonight.

I feel like it was an honor to hear the burdens of those ladies tonight and to get to pray for them. They let me into places of their hearts and lives that are sore and grieving. That is an honor. I am now able, and required, to look for opportunities to encourage them. God has put us in community together and I want to be community for them.

It's neat when God teaches you something, and then you get to teach it to others, and then you get to live it out right away!

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