Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Church really is beautiful

The church is beautiful. Sure, I know it's gotten a bad rep. I know that many (MANY) wrong things have been done in the church's name. I know that people say the church is full of hypocrites. And, it is. The church is full of PEOPLE! We, as people, are messed up, make mistakes, go back on our word, and sometimes cause pain to those around us. There was only one Person who didn't do any of that within the church. For now, we are stuck with people. Just regular people.

Tonight in my LTG I got to see how beautiful the church is when you get to know those people.

In the process of starting this church there have been times of loneliness. Times when I felt like we were doing all of this alone and all the work rested squarely on our shoulders alone. If we couldn't do it ourselves, then it wouldn't ever happen.

Tonight I saw that God has brought together lots of different people with different experiences and talents and passions to create the church. I always knew this, but I got to SEE it tonight! I got to see how different the three of us are in some ways and how the way God created them fills out this church. They can fill roles that I can't. They can touch people that I can't. They have passions and abilities that I don't. And they are willing to do something about it! And that is so beautiful!

I'm enjoying seeing God paint the colors and brush strokes of this church. So far, it's pretty amazing. And He's just beginning!!!

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