Thursday, July 23, 2009

Potty training is kinda empowering!

So, today was day one of "Potty Training Boot Camp". We have decided to go the cold turkey approach with potty training. We blocked off Thursday, Friday and Saturday to do this.

Today was day one. I was alone all day while Tim was at work. Caleb spent almost all day naked. I set the oven timer and he went on the potty every 15 minutes or so. It is a lot of work, but so worth it!

Rewards are huge. So I made the above little chart (orange is one of his favorite colors right now) and have M&Ms on hand for when he goes in the potty. We always say "Woo Hoo" and he says it too, so the chart is titled "Caleb's Potty Woo Hoos". He gets one little sticker for going pee in the potty and a big sticker for going poo in the potty. As you can see, no poo in the potty today. Just once in his underpants! But that's ok.

There are lots of stories from the day, but I think they would bore you. And you may feel like it's TMI! The day went well, then Tim came home. Caleb just melted down this evening. It was very unpleasant! He had a long day and it was just hard.

At one moment today I felt so empowered in this process. I FELT like a mom!

There are SO many times when guilt takes over. I should be doing more, I should be more consistent, I should be home more, I should play with him more, I should read to him more, my discipline sucks, Why can't he just have fruit snacks and crackers for dinner instead of trying so hard to get him to eat that chicken? Those sorts of thought normally consume my brain. I think most (if not all moms) have intense guilt issues!

But today, I stuck with it! I didn't give in when it would be easier to put the pull-ups on him and not clean up another "accident". Tim said, "why don't we just put his pull-ups on him?" I didn't want to do that. I knew that that would be SO much easier as Caleb is crying. But it wouldn't be best. It would undo all the work we did all day. We had to keep at it and work through the hard parts!

Now, of course, I pave the path and Tim gets to walk down it! :P I had a meeting tonight and while I was gone Caleb told Tim he had to pee BEFORE he peed! They got to the potty and then Caleb peed!

The hard work paid off!

We'll see how Day Two goes!

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