Monday, July 13, 2009

This is hard

Do you remember that journey I referred to on July 2? And how I didn't quite know what was ahead? Well, I'm on that road. And it's hard.

Today has been a hard day. Necessary, but hard. As we are in this journey to investigate prayer more, and as I'm learning, it's hard. I don't know why today was so hard, but it has been.

Now, mind you, I've had MUCH MUCH worse days!!!!

Today I just kinda feel like I'm trying to walk through thick, thick mud... with a backpack of weights on my the rain. Just kinda yucky! I have the image in my mind from the movie "The Neverending Story" when Atreu is trudging through the mud and almost gets sucked in until Falcor swoops in and pulls him out.

I know I'm learning. And I know what I'm learning is good. It just isn't easy. I want to change my ways. Change my heart. But that takes work and it's slow going. And I'm sad today.

But not hopeless...

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