Friday, July 3, 2009

What a fun day!

Caleb had such a FUN day today!

We went with some friends from church and their kids to a petting zoo/farm. Caleb did pretty well! I really wasn't sure if he would be scared of the animals or if he would love them! He loves them in books, but it's very different when a giant camel is looking you in the eye, or a goat is clamoring to eat out of your hand.

But he did GREAT! He fed some goats, saw camels, a lion, a tiger, a cougar, ducks, geese, an emu, a monkey, turkeys, lemurs, turtles and even had a PONY RIDE! He loved it all!! He was just so adorable. I was so proud of him riding that pony! He was terrified when he started - almost couldn't get him on the saddle - but then he loved it! I REALLY didn't think he would feed the goats but loved that too!

It was so fun to watch him discover everything and see these huge animals in person that he often sees in books. It was fun for us too! How often do you get to see all those animals in one place?!? It was such a special time for us and to get to spend it with friends.

Then we got home and he got to spend the day with MiMi, Pa, Yia Yia and Papou! He was SO exhausted but had one of the BEST days!

Tim and I got some time to ourselves too which is RARE! We went to see a movie, walked around Target SLOWLY just looking around, and had a QUIET dinner! What a treat!

I feel SO lucky to have had a day like today!

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