Monday, August 24, 2009

Relationships drive the ministry

This is one of the values for Veritas. It has been something that we have valued since the beginning and it has driven us to make certain decisions about church that seemed somewhat different, unconventional, weird for a new church.

I am finally REALLY seeing the BEAUTY of this value! God is doing things in people in my life and it is the most amazing thing to be a part of! These relationships have been a year or more in the making. These are awesome people that I would love to have in my life with or without Veritas, but Veritas gave me the kick in the pants to get out and meet people.

I am now seeing God start to open them up to Him....even ever so slightly. BUT, God is doing His work! I am so EXCITED to be able to see that. I want everyone I know to experience this! To get to see God's Hand in someone's life. To get to have the conversations I've had. To meet the people I've met. To learn what I've learned.

But it takes guts, time, God-focused prayer, and sometimes blood sweat and tears (heavy on the tears). Many people aren't willing to do that. I wasn't willing to do that before! I am ashamed to admit that I am just now venturing out into this AMAZING territory. I have missed so much. But I don't want to miss anymore. And I don't want those I love who follow God to miss this! It's hard, but it's so amazingly worth it.

I know, if others could experience this, if they could walk out into that unknown and follow God's voice and footsteps, they would never go back!

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