Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fear...and what to do about it!

I spent a few hours on a lake all by myself while on vacation reading, listening, praying, writing. I thought I'd share an entry from my journal that day on the lake.

I consider myself someone who is fearful. There are a few occasions where I may do something that takes some courage, but I don't think I am a courageous person. At least, I don't have the courage I would like, I guess. Anyway, these are some of my thoughts about that. I didn't want to just whine about being fearful, I wanted to figure out what to DO about that. So, the following is taken directly from my journal {hey, why are you reading my personal journal?!?!?! ;)}

I live in so much fear.
I think I fear being wrong more than anything.

I fear making the wrong decision, so I make someone else decide.

I fear doing the wrong thing, so I do nothing.

I fear saying the wrong thing, so I say nothing.

If I do decide, do, or say something, I fear it was wrong.

If I do nothing, I fear not being used by God.

How do I story this cycle of stupid, paralyzing fear?
  • Spend more time with God, alone, so I learn His voice and His heart. This will make decisions easier because I will know Him and what He wants.
  • Learn who God is and what He did in the Bible. I need to know His CHARACTER.
  • Ask Him specifically what He wants of me. And don't filter it! And believe it! And don't think anything is too big or too small. If God is calling me today to do something radical for church, something huger than I could imagine, that is not too big. If God is calling me to, today, be consistent and loving in my discipline of Caleb, that is not too small.
  • Ask God to put me in places where He can use me with people He wants to speak to. Then look and listen for Him.
  • Just JUMP! Sometimes I'll succeed, and sometimes I'll fail.
  • BELIEVE that God will love and accept me exactly the same in success and failure.
  • Ask God to give me the strength, don't look to anyone or anything else alone.
  • Don't give up.
I don't know if that helps you or not, but those are some of my thoughts. If you are someone who struggles with fear, I hope that list can help you a little. If you have other ideas, send them my way! In the meantime, I will be working on putting these into practice.

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