Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cider and doughnuts

Today, October 5, marks the 13 year anniversary of our first date! It was such a nice night.

Our first date was to a cider mill in Michigan. I had never been to a cider mill before as we don't have them here in Wisconsin (to my knowledge anyway). They make FRESH apple cider and amazing doughnuts. We bought some of each and sat outside sipping our cider...among TONGS of bees!! The bees are as much a part of a cider mill experience as the cider is, I think!

So, tonight we warmed up some apple cider and Tim bought some doughnuts and we enjoyed them together. We went to a secluded part of Bay View park and sat on a lake listening to the waves lap up against the shore. The sun was setting and painting the most amazing sky! The colors were gorgeous bouncing off the clouds. At one point the sun lit up the breaker wall rocks so they looked like gold!

I SO wished I had my camera with me!

We sat there together reminiscing about the last 13 years and where they have taken us. It was so peaceful. So beautiful.

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