Friday, October 2, 2009

"Cool Dude!"

Caleb got some new sunglasses from his "Grama". He's so cute in them - they actually fit!

He must have picked this up from us at some point, but when he puts them on he flashes that big smile and says "cool dude!"

Well, he decided I had to wear his glasses too. As soon as he put them on me he says "cool dude!" It is just so precious.

This thought hit me like a ton of bricks: I know there will be a day when he will NOT call me "cool"! I know a day is coming, sooner than I would like, when he will think I am a dork, embarrassing, UNcool!

I remember a moment like this in my past very clearly. I think I was maybe 13-ish? My and my cousin's family were at a park - I think maybe waiting for fireworks, and we had our DCTalk tape (YES, I said TAPE) playing in the car with the doors open. My mom and her mom (my aunt) were signing along and dancing and stuff. We were MORTIFIED! I don't know which bothered us more - the fact that they were singing and dancing, or the fact that THEY liked OUR music! Whatever the case, this was one of many instances we were embarrassed by our parents.

I know that day will come with Caleb. When there is nothing I can do that won't be uncool. When he will want to hide in the shadows and wish he could not be related to me. When I will never hear "cool dude" directed toward me.

So, for now, I TREASURE those moments. When he will look at me and smile, when he WANTS to be with me and not trying to run away.

This hit me like a ton of bricks. I will TREASURE that moment!

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